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Villa fence

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The enclosure fence is mainly used for enclosure.
      Enclosure fence nets generally use enclosure fence nets with low cost, simple installation, and convenient transportation.
      The three most commonly used enclosure fences are bilateral wire enclosure fences, wave enclosure fences, and barbed wire enclosure fences.
      The bilateral silk enclosure fence is also called the bilateral silk enclosure fence.
      The bilateral wire enclosure ground fence network has a simple structure, low material consumption, low processing costs, and convenient remote transportation, so the construction cost is low. The bottom of the enclosure fence network and the brick-concrete wall are integrated to effectively overcome the weakness of the network's insufficient stiffness. Enhanced protection. It is widely accepted by customers with a large amount of use. It is the largest enclosure fence product.
      The bilateral wire enclosure fence is mainly used in highways, railways, factories, construction sites, river banks and other places.
      Wave enclosure fences are also known as wave enclosure enclosures and Dutch nets.
      The wave enclosure ground fence has good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging and beautiful appearance. Installation is quick and easy. Unlike ordinary fence nets, wave enclosure fences are rolled. Easy to transport and simple to install, but the thickness of the wire is not as good as other types of enclosure fences.
      Wave enclosure fences are mainly used in aquaculture and planting industries.
      Barbed wire enclosure fence, also known as barbed wire enclosure fence.
      Barbed wire enclosure fence is a kind of enclosure fence net product with good anti-theft effect. Barbed wire enclosure fence is used together with ordinary barbed wire or blade barbed wire. Because the barbed wire enclosure fence is uniquely shaped and difficult to touch, it can achieve excellent protective isolation effects.
      Barbed wire enclosure fences are mainly used for enclosure protection in garden apartments, government units, prisons, sentry posts, and border guards.
      It is most suitable to use the enclosure fence specifically. Generally, customers use enclosure fences for breeding protection, or for fence protection in orchards, vegetable gardens, and farms.

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