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Galvanized iron wire fence

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Triangle Bent Wire Fence
      Wire fence net material: low carbon steel wire.
      Iron wire fence net processing technology: The wire fence is cold wire processed product of iron wire or steel wire again. After the shell peeling, pickling, water washing, saponification, drying, drawing, annealing, cooling, pickling, water washing, galvanizing line, packaging and other procedures.
      Surface treatment of iron wire fence netting: Wire and steel wire are generally produced by wire drawing or galvanizing. Finished product is sprayed or dipped.
      Advantages of wire fence netting:.
      1. It has the characteristics of beautiful, practical, convenient transportation and simple installation.
      2. High anti-damage performance, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy installation, feeling bright and easy.
      3. Appropriate bending has created a unique aesthetic effect for this product, and the surface can be treated with a variety of colors of dip plastic treatment. The combination of columns and mesh in different colors is even more pleasing to the eye. With chassis uprights, installation only requires expansion bolts, which is very fast.
     Iron wire fence net features:
     1. Unique design: The unique embedded hook design makes the column and the wire fence network form a solid whole. The product design has won the French Industrial Design Award and obtained a patent certificate.
     2. Excellent performance: The product uses high-quality raw materials and undergoes special surface treatment, which has extremely high corrosion resistance. The finished product is guaranteed for ten years *.
     3. Easy installation: no special accessories are required for product installation, and the push-type installation method is adopted, which is easy to hold, simple and fast, and reduces costs.
     4. Surface treatment: Process galvanized steel strip, steel wire + high adhesion electrostatic polyester spraying color nearly two hundred colors and matte surface treatment
     5. Optional wire fence wall installation method: (optional) direct landfill installation on low walls or concrete floors, installation of safety accessories through flanges (optional), according to site safety protection requirements, fence walls can be retrofitted Elbow, barbed wire, tiger thorn.
     Wire fence net use:
     Iron wire fence nets are very versatile. Net fences are mainly fences for isolation or area division or protection. They are used for guardrail protection, roads, railways, protective belts on both sides of bridges, airports, ports, and docks, municipal parks, lawns, zoos, Isolation and protection of lakes, roads, residential areas, protection and decoration of hotels, hotels, supermarkets, and entertainment venues.
Wavy wire fence
      The wire mesh fence net surface is produced by using high-quality wire rods as raw materials. Welded rolled nets or sheet nets protected by galvanizing and pvc powder dip protection are beautiful and elegant in design and easy to install, especially the horizontal wires are corrugated. There is enhanced impact resistance.
      General specifications of wire fence netting:
      Wire fence post: The most common is a 48mm diameter dovetail welded pipe column with a wall thickness of 1.5mm;
      Iron wire fence mesh roll size: 1.0-2.2M wide, unlimited length, can be limited according to convenient shipment;
      Recommended specifications of wire fence:
      Wire diameter: 2.5MM (after plastic coating) Mesh: 50 × 50MM Net volume: 1.8 height × 30M / roll column: 48MM (diameter) × 1.5mm thickness × 2.3M long dovetail
      Mesh size: 50 × 50mm / 50 × 100mm / 50 × 150 mm, etc., 50 × 50mm is most commonly used;
      Surface treatment method of wire fence net:
      Electrogalvanized wire is directly welded and then coated with plastic; black carbon steel wire is welded into a net and coated with plastic; plastic / wrapped optional (PVC & PE);
      Application scope of wire fence netting:
      It is widely used in the safety isolation of highways, airports, residential quarters, school stadiums, factories and mines, temporary construction sites, gardens, feeding farms, mountain closure forests, highway slopes, hillsides and other areas.

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