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The role and installation of road fences

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The role and installation of road fences
The purpose of installing fence nets on roads is to prevent vehicles on the road from being hit by or oncoming vehicles to prevent hard objects or falling into a ravine. The second goal was to stand upright while keeping the vehicle deflecting along the road fence. The problem with this is that the optimal height of the road fence is the height at which the car may not be able to roll over.
There are two ways to install road fence nets, one is the pre-buried method, and the other is the flange bolt fixing method; the buried method is based on on-site cement pouring, the foundation pit is manually excavated, and the rock part cannot be excavated manually Use a pickaxe or a wind gun to make shallow holes and supplement it with weak blasting. The upper soil pit wall is excavated and sloped, and the lower rock pit wall is vertical. If the installation of road fence nets is frame fence nets, double-sided wire fence nets, railway fence nets, chain link fence nets, etc., first install columns, and then connect the mesh pieces; this is not the case for road-type peach fence nets. It is installed. If the road fence is first installed on the pillar, the mesh cannot be connected.
Road fence net installation flange bolt connection is to cast the embedded parts first, after the pouring cement is fixed, then install the column, use bolts to fix, road fence net installation is simple and fast no matter which method is used, road fence net A professional construction team is installed. Our factory produces and sells road fence nets. If you have questions about the installation of road fence nets, you can also consult.
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