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Basketball court fence net

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The stadium fence net is a new type of protection product designed for the stadium. It belongs to the field fence and is also called the stadium fence net in the industry. This product net is usually 4 meters or 6 meters in height.
      The material of the court fence net: using galvanized steel wire covered with plastic, the corrosion resistance and aging resistance are greatly enhanced, and the service life is extended.
      The production process of the court fence net: galvanized steel wire-plastic coated-woven into a net-welded frame.
      The court fence net accessories used are: uprights, side ears. Screws, etc.
       Stadium fence net commonly used specifications:
      1. Plastic coated silk warp: 3.8mm;
      2. Mesh: 45mm X 45mm; 50mm × 50mm;
      3. Size: 3000mm X 4000mm;
      4. Post: 60 / 2.5mm;
      5. Cross bar: 48 / 2mm;
      Anti-corrosion treatment of the court fence net: electroplating, hot-plating, plastic spraying, and dipping. Anti-rust primer + advanced metal paint (selected by you)
      Added: The height of the court fence net is different according to the use place. If it is used on the flat ground and the outer fence of the sports field. The height of the fence on both sides of the tennis court is 3 meters, and the ends are 4 meters. If the venue is adjacent to a residential area or a road, its height is more than 4 meters. In addition, to make it easier for the audience to watch the game, a fence of H = 0.80 meters can be set. If it is a tennis court built on the roof, the height of the net is more than 6 meters.
      Advantages of the court fence net: The court fence net has the characteristics of bright colors, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, flat surface, strong tension, and is not easy to be deformed by external force. On-site construction and installation, the biggest feature of the product is its strong flexibility, which can be adjusted at any time according to site requirements. The net body has a certain impact force and elastic force, anti-climbing ability, strong and firm, and it is not easy to change under certain local pressure. It is widely used by people and is an essential protective fence tool for various courses.
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