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Considerations for the Design and Installation of Fence Nets

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What are the factors to consider when designing and installing the fence network in a residential area?
      1: smooth road traffic
      When setting up a fence outside the community, you should have a comprehensive understanding of whether the surrounding traffic is smooth, mainly including vehicle types, masses, center of gravity heights, driving speeds, and collision angles. After taking these factors into consideration, we can better understand how to build a fence network.
      Two: safety evaluation standards
      It mainly includes requirements for the anti-collision ability of the fence net (expressed as collision energy-kilojoules), the guidance function (that is, the vehicle trajectory) and the occupant injury index. After all, residential fence products are products that people often come into contact with, and security is the first consideration.
      3: The fence net structure must be reasonable
      In addition to the selection of specific materials, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the price structure of the fence, which includes the type of fence, height, slope of the collision surface, structural strength, and stability of the foundation. In actual construction, it is more important to choose a suitable place according to the material and field requirements of the fence network to ensure the safety and stability of the fence network.