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Factory fence netting

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Factory fence net, factory fence net, workshop isolation net.
      Factory fence nets often appear in different appearances in our lives, and have a very wide range of uses and connotations. According to the different materials used, it can be divided into barbed wire fence, bent wire fence and so on.
      Material: high quality low carbon steel wire, seamless steel pipe
      Production process: The isolation net welded with cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire is fixed to the steel pipe pillar with a connecting attachment.
      Factory fence netting general specifications;
      Mesh wire diameter: Ф2.5 --- 6.0mm
      Mesh mesh: 75X150mm, 50X50mm
      Surrounding frame: 20X15mm, 20X30mm
      Column pipe: Ф48mm, 60mm, 80mm
      Maximum mesh size: 2400X3000mm
      Factory fence net assembly method:
      1. The soil structure is fixed by embedded columns;
      2. The concrete structure is fixed with chassis-type expansion bolts;
      3. The mesh and the column are connected with anti-theft screws;
      Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements (drawings);
      Uses: Factory fence nets are widely used with factory fence nets, enterprise fence nets. And used for the protection of municipal green space, garden flower beds, unit green space, highways, railways, airports, residential quarters, ports and docks, animal husbandry, breeding, etc.
      Factory Fence Mesh Product Advantages:
      1.Simple product structure, less materials, so the project cost is low;
      2.Very convenient for remote transportation
      3. As shown in the figure, the fence and the brick-concrete wall are integrated into one, which effectively overcomes the weakness of the net's insufficient stiffness and enhances the protection performance.
      4. Installation is not affected by terrain and terrain, especially suitable for hilly areas
      5. Efficient anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, fire-resistant and long service life.
      6. The layout of the fence network of the factory area;
      7. The overall stability of the fence network in the factory area is outstanding;
      8. All parts of the fence net in the factory area have undergone efficient anti-rust treatment, which can increase the service life;
      9. The fence network of the factory area basically does not need maintenance, and the product can ensure that it will never fade;
      10. The fence network of the factory area is very suitable for modern industrial fence barriers.

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