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Zinc steel fence

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Zinc steel fence net is a protective fence net specially designed for the safety and aesthetics of the community. It mainly uses peach-shaped fences, D-shaped fences, square fences, double circles, bilateral fences and other beautiful shapes and excellent protection performance Professional fence mesh products, of course, special zinc steel fence mesh columns can be connected above the V-arm (Y-type fence), the upper end and the barbed rope to further ensure the safety of the community.
      Zinc steel fence mesh material: low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire.
      Production process of zinc steel fence net: braid welding + surface treatment (plastic spray, dip plastic, hot galvanized).
      Zinc steel fence net features: beautiful appearance, high safety performance, anti-climbing, non-deformation, anti-aging, diversified specifications, low price and so on.
      Surface color of zinc steel fence net: green, blue, white, yellow, etc.
      Other uses of zinc steel fence nets: residential quarters, villas, gardens, green spaces and other places.
      Product advantages of zinc steel fence mesh:
      1. The zinc steel fence net has high overall strength and the decorative effect is very obvious;
      2, the solder joint is not firm enough to oppose cutting;
      3, high-grade dip plastic has 10 years guarantee rust;
      4, easy to install and remove, can be reused.
      5. Environmentally friendly products. Eventually it can be recycled.

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