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Wave fence

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The wave fence net is a classic fence net product.Its tightening rectangular mesh, defensive spikes and considerable height prevent the possibility of climbing and climbing.It is also a feature of good economy, suitable for long distances and large areas. site. The wave fence net industry is also called: Bastille roll net, which is a kind of barrier products manufactured by a series of manufacturing processes such as low carbon steel wire, PVC coating, etc. It can be coated with plastic after steel wire welding, and can also be separately plated, heated Plating and plastic coating, galvanized, pvc coated mesh surface has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and UV resistance for a long time. Covering thickness can reach more than 1.0mm. The mesh surface has strong impact resistance. There are two types of mesh edges: hook edge and twist edge.
      Column: Usually choose ordinary round tube, mushroom-shaped heterosexual tube, with plastic cap or rain cap on the top. The surface treatment is galvanized and spray-painted, and one of them can be selected.
      Installation accessories: The mesh and the column are connected by screws and various special metal clips or by using binding wires. The screws used are self-theft-proof. The accessories can also be specifically designed according to the different requirements of customers.
      Product Features of Wave Fence:
      A. The wave fence has the characteristics of beautiful and durable products, which is convenient for transportation and installation;
      B. Wave fence nets The wave fence nets are highly adaptable for installation, and can be adjusted up and down with the ground when the connection position with the column is up and down;
      C. Four horizontal bending ribs in the fence make the wave fence net increase the overall cost and increase the strength and beauty of the net significantly. It is one of the most popular fence nets at home and abroad.
      D. The columns of the wave guardrail net can be made of concrete castings, and the construction cost is low.
     After installation, the wave fence net has high overall strength and good overall stability. According to customer requirements, PVC spraying can be used to have good anti-corrosion and decorative effects. Durable, beautiful, wide field of vision, and good protection. The mesh of the wave-shaped fence net uses high-quality low-carbon steel wire as the raw material, and it is welded mesh protected by galvanizing or high-adhesion powder impregnation. Characteristics. The surface of the post is galvanized and dipped in plastic, or one of them can be selected. The top end is covered with a plastic cover or a rain cap. Depending on the environment and the installation method, you can choose to embed 30cm, add a base and so on. The mesh and post are connected by screws and various special plastic or iron clips. All screws are self-protecting. All accessories can also be designed according to customer's specific requirements.

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