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Wire fence

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There are many types of steel wire fences; welded steel wire fences and woven steel wire fences.
       1. Wire mesh fence structure: Welded with low-carbon cold-drawn steel wire, and fixed with steel pipe support by connecting accessories.
       2. Wire mesh fence surface treatment: hot galvanized, cold galvanized, PVC dip plastic, plastic spraying, etc. Type: frame fence net, triangle bend fence net, double-sided wire fence net, double circle fence net, wave fence net, blade gill net—fence net, barbed wire fence net, etc. (various types)
       3. The main characteristics of steel wire fence: simple structure, beautiful, economical, practical, easy to transport, easy to install, strong adaptability to terrain, high environmental protection recycling value. Its products have the advantages of beautifying the environment, being durable, not easily discolored and deformed.
       4. Wire fence net use: used for the protection of highways, railways, airports, bridges, both sides, municipal green space, garden flower beds, port wharf forest flower beds, campuses, stadiums, and unit green space decoration protection. Its products have beautiful shapes and diverse colors, which not only play a protective role in fences, but also play a role in beautification.

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