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Metal fence

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Metal Fence Mesh
      Metal fence mesh weaving and characteristics: It is usually made by spot welding of high-quality low-carbon steel wire with a diameter of 4mm. It adopts a snap-in connection. The grid structure is simple, easy to transport, and the installation is not restricted by terrain fluctuations, especially for mountainous, sloping and multi-curved The zone is extremely adaptable, rugged, and low-priced, suitable for large-scale use.
      Metal Fence Mesh Material: Low Carbon Steel Wire
      Metal fence net surface treatment: electroplating, hot-dip, plastic spraying, dipping
      Specifications and parameters of metal fence nets: (a set of fence nets consists of a post, a net and related accessories)
      Metal fence mesh material: conventionally made by spot welding of high-quality low-carbon steel wire with a diameter of 4mm, the wire diameter range is 2.8-6.0mm
      Metal fence mesh mesh: regular size is 75x150 (mm), mesh size range is 75-250mm
      Length x width: conventional size is 1800x3000 (mm), maximum size is 2400x3000mm
      Frame: regular size is 14x30x1.5 (mm), 20x30x1.5 (mm)
      Dip thickness: 0.7-0.86 (mm)
      After dipping: 4.8 (mm)
      Metal fence post
      1. Diameter x thickness x height: 48x2x2200 (mm), 60x2x2200 (mm)
      2. Embedded foundation: 500x300x300 (mm)
      3. Accessories: rain cap, connection card, anti-theft bolt, among which the connection method is card connection
      Use of metal fence nets: used for guardrail protection, road and railway, protective belts on both sides of bridges, security protection of airports, ports, docks, public parks, lawns, zoos, lakes, roads, residential areas Protection, protection and decoration of hotels, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment venues, etc.

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