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Magnet fence

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Because of its prismatic mesh, the mesh fence fence (also called the mesh fence) is called prismatic fence in some areas.
      The material of the mesh fence can be divided into: stainless steel wire, iron-aluminum alloy wire, low-carbon steel wire, electro-galvanized wire. Changed wire.
      Mesh grid fence mesh specifications: 5x5cm--15x15cm.
      Mesh size: various sizes are produced according to actual needs.
      Weaving: welded after pre-bending ...
      The production process of the mesh fence fence: braided and welded; durable, non-rusty and beautiful.
      Surface treatment method of mesh fence: the surface can be galvanized. Hot-dip galvanized, PVC dip plastic, plastic spraying.
      The full set of mesh grid fences includes: mesh grids, columns, and accessories.
      The advantages of the mesh grid fence: high quality and low price, complete specifications, durable, not rusty, beautiful and elegant, good protection effect, high strength, easy installation, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.
      US mesh fence fence use: US mesh is used to prevent people and things from falling, or to avoid, reduce fall and physical damage injuries, our factory can make the US mesh into doors and windows protection net, balcony fence net , Made into pet cages, highway fence nets, community fence nets, airport fence nets, factory and mine area protection nets, anti-throw nets, etc., can be used for the protection of doors and windows and theft, but also for highways, railways, airports, residential quarters, ports and docks , Garden, breeding, animal husbandry, etc.

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