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Double circle fence

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Double-circle fence mesh is welded with cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire to form a cylinder-shaped curling and mesh surface. It is galvanized for anti-corrosion treatment, has strong corrosion resistance, and then sprayed, dipped, and sprayed in various colors 3, dip plastic; finally connect the attachment to the steel pipe pillar. After a few years of wind, frost, rain, and snow, the sun's exposure is still as bright as new, and it is extremely resistant to ultraviolet rays. The green lawn is fresh and tidy against the backdrop of a white metal mesh.
      Double circle fence net specifications:
      1. Material: Q 235 low carbon cold drawn steel wire
      2. Plastic dipping warp: 4.5--5mm
      3. Mesh: 50mm X 200mm (rectangular hole)
      4. Maximum size: 2.4m X 3m
      Surface treatment of double ring fence: galvanized, plastic sprayed, dip plastic
      Double-loop fence net structure: The metal mesh braided and welded with low-carbon steel wire is stamped, bent and rolled into a cylindrical shape, and then connected to the steel pipe pillar with a connecting attachment and fixed.
      Advantages of double-circle guardrail net: It has the characteristics of high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy installation, feels bright, light, and practical. The connection between the mesh and the post is very compact, and the overall feeling is good; Face strength increased significantly.
      Double ring fence net use: used for decoration protection of highway, airport, municipal green space, garden flower bed, unit green space, port green space.
      Matters needing attention in the installation and engineering construction of double circle fence
      1. When the nets and columns used in the double circle fence net are transported to the construction site, the construction unit must provide the product engineer with a certificate of compliance. The supervising engineer has the right to conduct test tests on the mesh and columns that have problems with the project quality. The engineering supervision engineer shall check the curvature of the column on the site, and shall clear the site for those who have obvious deformation, curling and scratches.
      2. When carrying out the concrete foundation construction of the guardrail columns, the construction unit shall release the foundation centerline in accordance with the approved construction organization TRANBBS design and design drawings, and carry out the necessary leveling and cleaning of the site to ensure the linearity of the barrier after installation Beautiful and straight. Before the foundation concrete is poured, the size of the foundation pit and the spacing between the foundation pits must be inspected and approved by the supervision engineer before the concrete can be poured.
      3. During the installation of the column, the stability of the column and the tight connection with the foundation must be ensured. If necessary, supports can be installed to stabilize the column. During the installation of the column, a small line is used to detect the straightness of the column installation and to adjust the locality. Make sure the straight section is straight and the curved section is smooth. The burial depth of the columns shall meet the requirements of the design drawings. After the construction of the pillar is completed, the supervision engineer shall inspect the alignment, buried depth, height of the pillar, and the stability of the connection with the foundation. Only after the requirements are met, can the net construction be carried out.
      4. The mesh must be firmly connected to the column, and the surface of the mesh should be flat after installation without obvious warpage and unevenness. After the construction of the fence is completed, the High Office will organize relevant personnel to check the quality of the fence net.

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