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Triangle Bent Fence

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Anping Wire Mesh Fence Factory is a professional manufacturer of Triangle Bend Wire Mesh Fences. You can provide the price of Triangle Bend Wire Mesh, the specifications of Triangle Bend Wire Mesh, the latest Triangle Bend Wire Mesh quotes and other information. Want to know how much a triangle bending fence net costs one meter and one square? Make a call and Anping Fence Net Factory will be happy to help you.
      The design of the triangle bending guardrail net has a unique and unique embedded hook design, so that the pillar and the fence form a solid whole. The product design has won the French Industrial Design Award and obtained a patent certificate. Products with excellent performance use high-quality raw materials and undergo special surface treatment, which has extremely high corrosion resistance. The finished product enjoys a ten-year quality guarantee. Triangular bending protection net is easy to install. No special accessories are required for product installation. It adopts a push-in installation method, which is easy to hold, simple and fast, and reduces costs. Surface treatment process: Galvanized steel strip, steel wire + high-adhesive electrostatic polyester spray color. Nearly two hundred colors and matte surface treatment are available. Purse installation method (optional). Direct landfill installation on low wall or cement. Installation of safety accessories through flanges on the ground (optional) According to the safety protection requirements of the site, elbows, barbed wires and tiger barbs can be installed on the fence.
      Triangular bending guardrail wire dipping plastic wire diameter: 5.0mm
      Triangle Bent Fence Mesh Grid Size: 50mm X 180mm
      Triangle Bent Fence Mesh Post Dimensions: 48 mm X 2.5mm
      Triangle Bent Fence Mesh Size: 2.3m X 2.9m
      Triangular bending guardrail mesh reinforcement four grids: 50X50mm
      Triangular bent guardrail net structure: It is welded with high-strength cold-drawn wire and low-carbon steel wire and then hydroformed, and it is fixed to the steel pipe pillar with link attachments.
      Triangular bending fence net features: high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy installation, feeling bright and easy.
      Triangle Fence Fence Product Advantages: Appropriate bending creates unique aesthetic effects of this product, and the surface is treated with a variety of colors of dip plastic, such as yellow, green, red, and different colors of columns and mesh It is even more pleasing to the eye. At the same time, this product mostly uses pillars with chassis. Installation only requires expansion bolts, which is very fast.
      The main uses of the triangular bending protection fence: railway closed net, living area fence, field fence, development zone isolation net, etc.

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