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Photovoltaic power fence

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Photovoltaic power generation fence net, also called photovoltaic fence, photovoltaic power plant fence net, photovoltaic power plant fence net introduction
With the vigorous development of China's photovoltaic industry in recent years, the application market of photovoltaic power fences has also expanded. The photovoltaic power fences have been widely used in photovoltaic power plant plants as protective isolation fences. Our company produces and supplies photovoltaic What are the power fence nets?
Bayannao Erlinuo Photovoltaic Power Generation Fence Net, Ejina Banner Qinghua Photovoltaic Generation Fence Net, Henan Tanghe Photovoltaic Generation Fence Net, Qinghai Area Photovoltaic Generation Fence Net, etc.
So what are the specifications and styles of photovoltaic fence nets? Xiaobian, I will recommend several specifications and styles that customers often order and use. Our company can also customize according to your requirements.
Bayan 网 erlinuo photovoltaic power station fence net specifications: wire diameter 4.0mm, aperture 75 * 150mm, size 1.7 * 3m, column round pipe 48 * 2.0 * 2200mm, mesh with 4 bends and wire.
Ejina Banner Qinghua Photovoltaic Power Generation Fence Net Specifications: 4mm wire diameter, 80 * 160mm aperture, 20 * 30 * 1.0mm frame, post Φ48 * 2200mm, 1.8 * 3m in size, with bent and flat iron on the grid of photovoltaic power generation fence
规格 Tanghe County, Henan Province Photovoltaic power generation fence specifications: wire diameter 4.0mm, aperture 80 * 160mm, column post Φ48 * 2200mm, size 1.8 * 3m.
You can refer to the above specifications to select the photovoltaic power fence net. Of course, you can adjust the product specifications you need by referring to the above specifications. Our company will provide you with the lowest price.

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