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Airport fence

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The airport fence net is also called "Y-type security defense net", which is composed of V-shaped support columns, reinforced welded sheet nets, security anti-theft connectors and hot-dip galvanized blade barbed cages. It has a high level of strength and security defense. In recent years, it has been widely used in high-security places such as airports and military bases.
      Note: If blade barbed wire and blade barbed wire are installed on the top of the airport fence net, the safety protection performance will be enhanced. It adopts anti-corrosion forms such as electroplating, hot-dip plating, plastic spraying, and plastic dipping. It has good characteristics such as anti-aging, anti-sun and weather resistance. Its products are beautiful in shape and various in color, which not only play the role of fence, but also play a role in beautification. Due to its high safety and good anti-climbing ability, the mesh connection method uses special SBS fasteners to effectively prevent man-made destructive disassembly. Four horizontal bending ribs increase the strength of the mesh significantly.
      Airport fence net material: high quality low carbon steel wire.
      Airport fence net specifications: 5.0mm high strength low carbon steel wire welding.
      Airport fence mesh: 50mmX100mm, 50mmX200mm. The mesh has V-shaped reinforcing ribs, which can greatly enhance the impact resistance of the fence.
      The column is a 60X60 rectangular steel, and a V-shaped frame is welded on the top. Or use 70mmX100mm hanging connection column. The airport fence mesh products are all hot-dip galvanized and electrostatically sprayed with high-quality polyester powder, using internationally popular RAL colors.
      Airport fence net weaving method: prepared by welding.
      Airport fence network connection method: mainly use M card, hold card connection.
      Airport fence net surface treatment: electroplating, hot plating, plastic spraying, dipping.
      Airport Fence Mesh Advantages:
      1. It is beautiful, practical, convenient for transportation and installation.
      2. To adapt the terrain to the terrain during installation, the connection position with the column can be adjusted up and down with the ground;
      3. Adding four bending stiffeners in the horizontal direction of the airport fence net will increase the strength and aesthetics of the net significantly while the overall cost is not increasing.
      Main uses: airport closures, private areas, military lands, field fences, and development zone isolation networks.
      Production process: pre-straight wire, cutting, pre-bending, welding, inspection, frame setting, destructive experiment, beautification (PE, PVC, hot dip), packaging, storage.

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