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Workshop fence

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Workshop fence net is also called workshop fence net, warehouse isolation net, fence, etc. It is mainly used to isolate cargo and to enclose machines. Because of its important role and location, it serves as a prominent warning. Therefore, we use more prominent yellow as the main color. The material of the fence mesh in the workshop is mostly low-carbon steel wire or aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, which is welded or braided, and surrounded by a frame (optional) to play a role of fence warning. Some less important places can be used. Wave fences to fence.
      The surface treatment of workshop fence nets produced by our fence nets factory is mainly based on dip and spray plastic. Because the geographical environment of each plant is different, the requirements of the enclosed area are different, so all are done according to the requirements of the drawings.
      1. The thickness of the steel wire can be 3.0mm --- 7.0mm before plastic and 4.0mm --- 8.0mm after plastic.
      2, most of the mesh is 5cmx5cm, mostly 5x10cm, can also be customized.
      3, the border is mostly 2cmx3cm 2cmx2cm can not be selected.
      4. The pillars are equipped with a chassis to facilitate disassembly.
      5, the color choice is eye-catching yellow, the main green, etc., with white, blue, red, gray, etc., you can choose.
      With its exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, unique shape, low price, easy installation and maintenance-free for life, the overall stability of the fence fence is widely used in the workshop workshop warehouse, and it is also suitable for residential housing. Private areas, roads, railways, ports and other places.

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